We added Bitcoins as a new payment method

NXnet is one of the firsts region's providers to accept Bitcoins

Since early 2013 we began to accept Bitcoins like a payment method and then we developed a module for our CRM which allowed us to accept this payments automatically and fast .

What is Bitcoin : Bitcoin is a currency such as the euro or the U.S. dollar , used to exchange goods and services . However, unlike other currencies , Bitcoin is an electronic currency which has new features and is known for its efficiency , safety and ease of trade.

Some of its features are:

- It does not belong to any state or country and can be used worldwide alike.
- Is decentralized : it is not controlled by any state bank, financial institution or company.
- It is impossible to counterfeit or duplication by a sophisticated cryptographic system.
- No intermediaries : transactions are made directly from person to person.
- Transactions are irreversible. - You can change bitcoins to euros or other currencies and vice versa, as any currency.
- No need to reveal your identity to do business and preserves your privacy.
- The money belongs to you 100 %